Photo of Ann Cook from Treplus Communities

Creative, informative and professional and fun to work with

Sevell + Sevell is not only phenomenally creative, informative and professional, but also fun to work with. Treplus Communities appreciates business relationships with credible, creative, and informative professionals - which describes everyone we work with at Sevell + Sevell. We are a fast growing organization, and value Sevell + Sevell's responsiveness - they are flexible, effective and able to pivot with the dynamic needs of our business. The pros at S + S are knowledgeable, patient - and fun.

Ann Cook
Principal, Treplus Communities

See the Treplus Communities website here.

Photo of Julie Stein from Treplus Communities

They’re a valued, knowledgeable business partner who offers impeccable design

Treplus Communities is redefining 55+ living in Central Ohio by developing luxury apartment communities for active adults. Sevell + Sevell have partnered with us to develop a beautiful website as an excellent first impression for visitors and prospective residents. Our business model is unique and upscale so finding the right company to partner with was crucial. They offer us dynamic creative design, strategic insight and guidance, customer-focused features, and data-driven tools that drive results. They’re a valued, knowledgeable business partner who offer impeccable design elements in a collaborative and consultative approach. We could not do what we do without them!

Julie Stein
Director of Marketing, Treplus Communities

See the Treplus Communities website here.

Dr Sean Kelishadi in the operating room

...they're the rockstars of web design!

I am very grateful to Sevell and Sevell. Their work is top notch and they handled all of my concerns with the utmost care and attention. They are true professionals not only with respect to skill set, but how they take pride in the work that they do.

What sets them apart is their sense of accountability and availability -- they can be reached any time and are happy to help and are consistently striving for perfection. Many other firms are hard to get a hold of and there are many hidden fees.

Sevell and co are honest and upfront about project costs...

...and have the vision to tell you what you will need to complete your project, not throw extra charges at the end. 

Their attention to detail and expertise is seen in what they create and you will not find a better value. Take the guesswork out of what needs to be done and let them guide you towards success. Their work speaks for itself, so take a look, and I bet you will agree with me that they are the rockstars of website design!

I am honored to have them on my team and have not only volunteered this testimonial, but have also asked them to put their signature on the bottom of my web page so everyone can see who created this masterpiece.

Dr. Sean kelishadi
Plastic Surgeon, Newport Beach, California

See Dr. Sean Kelishadi's website here.

head shot of Rae Lemley from Rockford Homes

THEY infused their creative juices and expertise to bring ideas to life.

They have a great sense of humor that will keep you entertained throughout the process! 

Rockford Homes has been working with Sevell & Sevell since 2015 and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Our two organizations have collaborated on several projects including a redesign and relaunch of Rockford's website. We look forward to further developing our partnership. Sevell and his team have carefully listened to our ideas and needs and then infused their creative juices and expertise to bring those ideas to life. They are very responsive and detail oriented. As an added plus, they have a great sense of humor that will keep you entertained throughout the process!

Rae Lemley
Marketing Director, Rockford Homes, Columbus, Ohio

To see Rockford Homes' website, click here.

Brian Pol's photo from Columbus Oh website design firm Sevell

If you're looking for an amazing and creative web design firm, then you probably want to read this

These guys at Sevell + Sevell are excellent. They define what launching a new website should be like. From concept and design to understanding the right functionality - they gave Rockford Homes a top-shelf website that did what it was supposed to do - get our prospects engaged and help us sell homes. They also made managing our site a breeze by taking us from WordPress to Drupal. What a upgrade this was! We found this to be a huge improvement and are so glad we made the change. Uploading content was now easier and less of a chore. And by the way - they also understand SEO. Not convinced yet? Just give them a call and get ready to discover a business partner that really matters. You'll be glad you did.

Brian Pol
Previous Marketing Director, Rockford Homes, Columbus, Ohio, Current Marketing Director, Media Lab, Tampa, Florida

head shot of Tia Ramey from Ramey Marketing

I've never experienced an agency that is more innovative

They bring personality into every brand and every industry they touch. 

I have had the pleasure of working with Sevell & Sevell on different projects, and there's a lot to be said about the talent and creativity that they always bring to every web site. From website design, print, and SEO, I personally have never experienced an agency that is more innovative than Sevell and his team. They can take any industry and bring it to life. Not only are they talented, but they are a pleasure to work with. I always appreciate the way they bring personality into every brand and every industry they touch. If anyone can find the "Sexy" in Gastroenterology, Sevell + Sevell sure can! If you're looking for a way to stand out from your competitors, Sevell & Sevell has fantastic solutions for your business.

Tia ramey
marketing/social media specialist, Columbus, Ohio

To see Ramey Marketing's website, click here.

Photo of Betsy Pandora

Sevell and Sevell do incredible digital marketing and website work.

They’re creative, hard-working, and passionate professionals who offer personalized solutions for our print and digital communications. The work they’ve done designing the Short North Alliance (SNA) Annual Reports have given that piece the marketing perspective it needed. It presented what we do to for the community in a unique way. Ever since they’ve been doing the SNA Annual Report we’ve been getting more compliments about it than we ever have.

Betsy Pandora
Executive Director, Short North Alliance

You can see Short North Alliance's website here.

Dr Dana in the lobby of her very well appointed lobby

I can’t thank them enough.

Sevell and Sevell has been the foundation of our ability to build one of the most talked about brands in plastic surgery. Their practical approach to high class design and tactful promotion is second to none, and I would recommend them to anyone.

Now, we average over 200 requests for consultations each month from our website.

Our website has been the gateway to over 200 average contact request for cosmetic surgery consultations per month in less than two years, and to being asked to speak at the 2013/14 ASPS Annual meetings about our experience.

It has been a pleasure to work with Sevell from the time they had to wait a bit to get paid, to having the career I’ve always dreamed of in plastic surgery after five years in practice. Sevell and Sevell will always be family, and a valued member of our team. I can’t thank them enough.

dr. dana goldberg
plastic surgeon, jupiter, florida

You can see Dr. Dana Goldberg's website here.

Photo of Emily

Sevell + Sevell have been nothing but a pleasure to work with.

Professional, creative, and responsive... I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for website and creative services. I look forward to more opportunities to work together again.

Emily Cherry-Talley
Marketing Director, Athenix Body Plastic Surgery Centers, California

You can see Athenix's website here.

Jennifer Brzoski'Wall's photo by Columbus website design form S+SSevell and Sevell is an outstanding entity.

They built my companies website in record time and did an amazing job. I have worked with this organization at two separate employment opportunities and have referred them out countless times. You are in good hands!

JENNIFER Brzoski-Wall

You can see Jennifer's Wall 2 Wall Reporting website here.

homepage image from Care After School website by Columbus website design form S+S

I can't say enough good things about them.

I highly recommend them.

We have enjoyed the creative expertise of Sevell and Sevell for a little over three years now. I can't say enough good things about them. They are talented professionals who are extremely easy to work with. Messages are returned promptly, and requests are happily accommodated. We love the website they created for us, and we get positive feedback from our customers about how informative and easy to navigate it is. On top of that, their rates are very reasonable and projects are finished on time! I highly recommend them.


See the Worthington School District's Care After School website here.

John Angelo standing in front of colorful sculptures

...because they excel in creative, high-impact solutions that hold up to scrutiny

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Sevell team on numerous collaborations over the past six years. We were drawn to Sevell + Sevell because they excel in creative, high-impact solutions that hold up to scrutiny… all while being under the gun. We have partnered on developing marketing materials to position the Short North as a national destination and on HighBall Halloween, one of Columbus' most acclaimed large-scale, public events.

Their marketing solutions have been instrumental to our overall success.

Beyond genuine creativity and project management, humor is likely Sevell + Sevell's greatest asset. Both in the content of the campaign and in ongoing client relations, they make marketing fun. They are, indeed, an invaluable addition to any team.

John Angelo
President of DestMar (Destination Marketing, Inc.), long beach, california

blonde haired, young professional woman in business attire

When the project is complete, he's still there for you.

Sevell is one of my favorite people to work with! Creativity, he has it! Lovable personality, he has that, too. He has always listened to my ideas, infused his creative juices and produced some fun and energetic marketing pieces and websites.

And, when the project is complete, he's still there if you need him.

He understands the value of client service and there's no question that it's the forefront of his business.


head shot of young blond woman from her Facebook page

Sevell's creativity and technical skills are above any other company I have used...

...which shows through the numerous awards they have won for their work. I have no doubt that any projects done with Sevell + Sevell will produce great results! Thank you for our new website and I look forward to continuing our relationship with other projects in the near future! I have no hesitancy whatsoever in recommending Sevell + Sevell for your web design needs.

Their staff is amazing, attentive, and very detail oriented.