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Creating a Premier look for Premier Plastic Surgery

Category: Web Design

Industry: Medical & Surgeons

Project Description

We were first approached by AcquaBlu Medical Spa in Pittsburgh, because they saw the plastic surgeon website we did for Dr. James O'Toole. 

After talking with them, they had us do the website for the AcquaBlu Medical Spa, which you can see here.

Then, they asked us to start working on the Premier Plastic Surgery website, and the screen shots on the left are taken from the pages we did for that site. At this time, we haven't been fortunate enough to

At the same time, an SEO firm located between Los Angeles and San Francisco, in San Luis Obispo, California also saw a website we'd designed for one Dr. Sean Kelishadi in Orange County, CA. This SEO firm was also contacted by the folks at AcquaBlu to get a quote on their website. However, the SEO firm only works with one plastic surgeon per market. Since they had already worked with a cosmetic surgeon in Pittsburgh, and they really liked our word for SSK Plastic Surgery, they were kind enough to recommend us to the folks at AcquaBlu.

So the folks from AcquaBlu found us from two sources, and because we hit it off and they liked our stuff, we ended up working together with them on a couple of their projects.