Breast surgery microsite for Dr. Dana Goldberg

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Florida Breast Surgery microsite

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Project Description

Before you decide what kind of online, template-based web building tool to use, do your research. We chose SquareSpace because it's easy to use, both for the developer (us) and for the end-user (you). Plus, they have a nice selection of templates. Before you let a web designer pick a web building tool for you, make sure you see a comparison between the top online web-building tools.

There are, however, differences between template-based websites and custom websites. We know, because we do both, and you can read about those differences here.

Why did we use SquareSpace for this website?

As you might imagine, there are lots plastic surgeons in Florida. From Miami to Ft. Lauderdale to Jupiter. So how does one plastic surgeon go about getting on their prospects' radar? One is to make sure your website or microsite, shows up well in Google's searches.

This is why Dr. Dana Goldberg is a nationally-recognized plastic surgeon. She's known not only for her rave review and fine work, but for the approach to marketing her practice has taken.

She speaks at national conventions to other plastic surgeons. Her practice is also using both social media and Google's AdWords very well. And with her excellent web presence, her business has seen dramatic growth over the past few years. Ryan Goldberg, is the mastermind behind their growth, and he's had us create a few different microsites, each one focusing on a unique set of keywords.

The website shown here is built around the "Florida breast surgery" keywords, as well as variations on that keyword phrase.

So when women search for keywords relating to breast surgery in Florida, this microsite, has those keywords incorporated into it, That is the way to get a website to rank well in Google searches.

To get an idea of the activity level of searches in Florida for breast-related surgeries, see the screen shot, below, of the average number of monthly  keyword searches for variations on breast surgery in Florida.

breast-related google keyword searches by Columbus SEO firm Sevell