Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Prices microsite

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Florida Plastic Surgery Prices website

Category: Template Website

Industry: Medical & Surgeons

Client: Dr. Dana Goldberg, Florida Plastic Surgeon
Project Description

The reason to create a microsite, as we have in this example for "Plastic Surgery Prices," is to be able to focus on a group of keywords that might not be appropriate for your main website.

For Dr. Dana's main website, she didn't want to have prices listed. To work around that, they had us create another website that DID focus on plastic surgery prices.

That's because there are thousands of searches a month, in Florida where she's based, for pricing for a variety of plastic surgery procedures. By focusing on those keywords, this website will, when live, start showing up well in Google searches. See the number of searches Google's Keyword Tool shows us there are for price-related plastic surgery phrases (below).

We built this website in SquareSpace.

SquareSpace is one of the top, on-line, template-based web building tools. They have a variety of well-designed templates that are all responsive. Of course, their templates just provide the framework for a website. The framework needs to be built out and customized with your content, images, different sections, and individual pages. And, of course, SEO.

We design and build both SquareSpace template sites and custom websites. You can see our custom websites here.

Google keyword searches for plastic surgery prices by Columbus SEO firm Sevell