Medical marijuana website for NYC-area Doctor

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Focusing on telemedicine for prescribing medical marijuana cards

Category: Template Website

Industry: Medical & Surgeons

Client: Alternative420
Project Description

We're a Columbus Ohio web design company who has done a medical marijuana website, plastic surgeon websites and other medically-related websites. And recently we've created a new website for a New York City area medical marijuana practice. This practice focuses on prescribing medical marijuana through telemedicine.

See the medical marijuana website here, or by clicking on the homepage image.

We built this website in SquareSpace, which is an template-based web building tool. Their templates go a long way towards helping keep costs lower than custom websites. Over the years, we've done many SquareSpace websites, which you can see here.

Having a website tie-in with telemedicine.

This client was focused on  telemedicine, so they asked us to suggest the best options for that. We introduced them SimplePractice, a service that focuses on telemedicine. All communication that takes place through a medically-related site must be HIPPA-compliant. That's because emails form websites can be intercepted, potentially exposing personal medical information. Not adhering to HIPPA requirements can be an expensive oversight.

With that in mind, we set up SimplePractice's scheduling widget so Alternative420 can schedule their appointments through their website, without ever leaving the  website. This is what the pop up scheduling window looks like on the website.

screen shot of the scheduling window on the medical marijuana website

Note: since the Alternative420 website has been taken down by our client (because we built a new one, which you can see here). Because of that, their account with SimplePractice has also ended. This means means the buttons on the site to schedule an appointment are no longer working.

Telemedicine sessions are conducted through the SimplePractice website

For HIPPA-related reasons, each telemedicine appointments are conducted through SimplePractice's website.

While the reminder times can be customized, SimplePractice sends either an email (or text ) to the client both a day before, and 15 minutes before, the scheduled appointment. It reminds the patient of both the appointment, and the process they need to go through to prepare for the telemedicine session with the doctor.

SimplePractice also hosts the HIPPA-compliant forms the doctors' patients need to fill out before the appointment. Those finalized forms can then be  sent directly to the doctor in preparation for the appointment.

If you're looking for a medical marijuana website, look to us.

We have experience designing websites in many different medically-related areas, as well as with HIPPA-related support sites. So if you need a medical website, consider talking with us.