Skilken Gold Real Estate Developers' website

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Premiere National Real Estate Development Company

Category: Web Design

Industry: Other

Client: Skilken Gold
Project Description

Skilken Gold is one of the country's premiere real estate development companies, working with national brands like Starbucks, Walmart, Wendy's, Kroger and CVS, just to name a few. Their client list is impressive. So their website had to be just as impressive.

We were fortunate enough to be brought into the project by Creative Director, writer, and person who uses both sides of her brain, Audrey Hackman. Audrey gave direction, but allowed us creative freedom in using elements she developed for Skilken's trade show booth and print material.

The homepage had to reflect a variety of their specialties, including site selection, though a main focus of theirs is building out the sites, so it's tough not to use construction-related images. With that in mind, we were able to focus on the keywords that are their areas of expertise:

screenhsot of section of homepage showing list of Skilken's expertise

The folks at Skilken Gold are considered "thought leaders" in their industry, and  have an impressive array of stories written by them, and articles about them, in industry publications. You can see that in the News section of the Skilken Gold website.

We're honored that we were selected to design and build the website of a company that has been around since 1922!