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Category: Template Website

Industry: Medical & Surgeons

Client: Metta Psychology
Project Description

What makes this website different than your traditional SquareSpace template is that it's been customized. All SquareSpace template websites come with white backgrounds.

But with our coding expertise, we modified the SquareSpace code to manipulate the template allowing for background color/images on the inside pages. You can see an example of a background color/image on one of their inside pages here.

Other website designers who use SquareSpace because they don't know HTML coding, can't customize the designs like this. That's the very reason most folks who use SquareSpace use it: because they DON'T have any experience with coding. Since we do, we bring that experience to the table, letting us make SquareSpace templates do more.

By being able to combine the best of templates (cost- savings) with the benefit of custom coding (which lets us customize the template) it results in a one-of-a-kind SquareSpace website for your company.