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How did we find the AcquaBlu Pittsburgh Medical Spa when we're a Columbus web design firm? We didn't. They found us. How did that happen, you might ask? There's a simple answer to a complex process: SEO.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is an arduous effort, especially since it's an ever-changing process. However, we do our best to keep on top of it. Interestingly, the way we were connected with AcquaBlu, the Pittsburgh medical spa, was through an SEO firm in San Luis Obispo, California, which is located between San Francisco and Los Angeles. They're the folks who found our site for an Orange County-based plastic surgeon,, and passed our name onto AcquaBlu.

One might think it's unusual for an SEO firm, who designs websites, to refer another web design firm. But Etna Interactive (the San Luis Obispo company) had a conflict, and being the good citizens they are, they wanted to make sure AcquaBlu found someone good. So they recommended us. Very nice of them, and a shout out to Al Ferguson from Etna Interactive for the referral. (We showed our appreciation.)

We work with other specialty SEO/SEM firms, too, so we recommend them as well when appropriate. We've found that most SEO firms don't do the high-end design we do, just as we can't touch the level of SEO and SEM those specialty firms do.

Learning SEO by Osmosis

And also, we read blog posts that people smarter than us write!

But every interaction we have with a specialty SEO/SEM firm, and we have many, helps us with our knowledge base. So we know what works for our website, as well as our client's websites.

What are the things we've learned, and what matters? The list is long, but some of the bigger items are:

  • Page Titles and Meta Descriptions' length, and keywords' are critical (Watch the first 45 seconds of this video to learn how Page Titles and Meta Descriptions work with search engines.)
  • Naming images. This might not be on your radar, but you know Google indexes images relating to searches, right? Well, how do you think those images appear on a search? They're named with keywords. Start doing that now for every image in your website, especially your blogs. (You are doing blogs, aren't you?!)
  • Alt Text fields. If you don't live in the world of web design and SEO, you wouldn't know what these are. Alt Text fields are where you describe each image on your website is, right by where you upload each respective image. Alt Text fields are there to help sight-impaired people navigate your website. What you key into the Alt Text field is read aloud by software on the sight-impaired users' computer. And you guessed it: using keywords in the Alt Text filed is important.
  • Broken Links are bad. The longer your website has been around, the more pages or blogs you've added (hopefully you've been adding blogs!). And if you change headlines on pages, links pointing to those pages may become broken links. Or maybe you pointed a link to a website (or page on a website) that's no longer a live site, or page. Google hates broken links. Use an online tool like this one, to check for broken links on your website. Put in your URL to find broken links, then fix them. As we just did after writing this blog!
  • Headlines and subheads with keywords. Even though Google's search engine's artificial intelligence has come a very long way, keywords are still relevant. And Google gives you bonus points for using them in your headlines and subheads.
  • Keywords in the body of your blogs. Adding the right amount of keywords is important. Too many and Google doesn't like it, so keep the keywords to 3 or 4 in a post, and use one of them in the first 100 words of the page. You can see we've used the phrase "Columbus web design" in the first sentence of this post.

Now about AcquaBlu

Which, afterall, is the website that inspired this post.

Our contact there is the outstanding, beautiful, friendly, lovely Renee DiMatteo. Renee is awesome. Easy to work with, pleasant, personable and professional.

And the feeling is mutual, because here's a testimonial Ms. DiMatteo wrote:

"You can count on me to be a positive ambassador for your agency."

"We began working with Sevell and Sevell approximately 6 months ago. My only regret in working with them, has been that I didn’t engage their services from the outset of our project. Their agency took over our AcquaBlu Medical Spa website after struggling with another creative agency for many months. Their team quickly accessed our situation and made positive changes to our website, which allowed us all the design components we felt were important to the site."

"Throughout the evolution of our project there were only productive and creative approaches to every issue that arose. Every aspect of the project from conception to execution was just an absolute pleasure. I’ll look forward to the next joint venture as we move along. You can count on me to be a positive ambassador for your agency. We felt so fortunate to have Sevell and Sevell working with us every step of the way. They turned our website into a beautiful reality."

Thank you, Renee!

Visit the AcquaBlu website here, and to see other websites we've done, check out our website page here.

And if you like what you see, contact us so we can help with your website.