Columbus web design firm shows the content creator jobs on

We've all seen articles in Entrepreneur and Forbes titled "Ten jobs that weren't around five (or ten) years ago."

Forbes just published another one recently listing these job descriptions:

  • App Developer
  • Millennial Generational Expert
  • Social Media Manager, and one of our favorites:
  • Chief Listening Officer, which evidently is a step up from the “social media manager.” It's someone who monitors social channels to keep their company up to speed on what is being said about them online.

However, in our opinion, they left one major new job description out:

  • Content Creator/Manager

Actually, there are 10 variations on that role as you can see from a quick search on

What does a content creator do?

They create content that is:

  • the online voice of your company
  • the knowledge base of your company, showing your prospects you're an expert, and
  • positions your company as the thought leader in your industry, even if your market is just the city your operate in

Where does this content live?

  • on the blog of your website
  • on LinkedIn communities
  • on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites
  • on association or industry websites, and
  • any other website that would like to share your knowledge with its audiences.

Why is this so important?

Because it helps your website show up higher in Google and other search engines. And we all know how critical that is.

Ranking high is a search is, literally, being at your prospect's fingertips when they're searching for what you do. You'll be right in front of them when they're in the buying mode.

Content creation IS the new search engine optimization.

If you create content that your audience Likes, links to, and shares, you'll be way ahead of your competitors. It's never too late to get to the content creation table. You're an expert in what you do: show it by getting the word out about your expertise.

There's no short cut to creating content

This is something that cannot be automated. And can't be done by an intern, non-marketing person, or lower level person in your company. That's because your content is the online face of your company.

It is something you need the smartest people in your organization to do. (Or work with smart people outside your organization.) And how much do you pay the smartest people in your organization? Or yourself (if you're the owner of the company)? So you have to allocate time and/or money to this process. Would you want an intern to represent you at a networking event or sales meeting? Probably not.

So it really isn't something you can take the "cheap" way out because it takes the time of some of your most valuable resources.

Content creation IS marketing

It's marketing because it goes out to your prospects, and like any marketing, there's a right way and wrong way to do it. We often hear the owners of companies say "my secretary says she can do social media so we've got it covered."

And what usually happens is:

  • it's short-lived: they do it for two weeks then it drops by the wayside because they already have 100 things to do,
  • it's not marketing: they don't have a marketing perspective so they don't post things that talk about benefits for your audience, and
  • it gets too cute: because they don't have and editorial calendar written out so they're scrambling to find significant things to write about

So if you're a Marketing Director, CEO, or business owner you should be familiar with these roles. And if you can't hire someone internally, you should hire it out to a web design/content creator/social media marketing firm.

Being a marketer these days means being a content creator because your online voice it is too important to leave it to someone who doesn't have a marketing perspective.

As a Columbus Ohio web design company, we're constantly creating content for our blog posts, and social media. And the one who does it, is one of the Sevells. But we also understand if you just don't have the time.

And if that's the case, we can help you. So make sure the Columbus marketing firm or Columbus web design firm you hire has that capability.

If you'd like to learn more, drop us an email.