SEO & Web Design interacting

Most folks don't realize that SEO & web design should go together like, well, let's say mac and cheese. You can invest a lot of money into a website, but if you don't also invest in SEO, your audience might not find your site so easily.

When it comes time to design (or redesign) your company's website, choose a web design company that also understands SEO. 

Good web design IS good SEO

As you would imagine, there are many factors that go into good web design, and a lot of them relate to good SEO. For example, how fast a website loads is a Google ranking factor,  and has been since 2010.

How can you tell is a web design firm understands this? Simple: use an online tool called Google PageSpeed Insights. Go to that website and do three things:

  1. Put in your website's URL and see how how well your homepage is perceived by Google.
  2. Put in the URL of the web design company you're considering to see how well their homepage is built, and
  3. Put in the URL to see how well our homepage is built. (See screenshot below for those results.)

SEO & web design rating from Google PageSpeed Insights

If the web design company you're talking to doesn't have a good score on their own homepage in Google's PageSpeed Insights, there's a good  chance they won't be able to build a Google-friendly homepage for you either.

Other ways SEO & web design work together

Have us conduct keyword research. This seems to go without saying, but if the keywords you use in your website aren't the ones your prospects are using, then you might as well not be doing any SEO. And  guessing what those words are is dangerous. For example, we initially thought our prospects use the phrase "web design firm," when in fact, it's "web design company." A simple variation like that makes a difference, especially if your competitors are using the right keywords.

Using the keywords in the right places. Yes, obviously, you should use keywords in your copy, but there are other critical places to use them as well, such as:

Getting  backlinks to your website. Having other websites link back to yours really helps your SEO. We can get 40 to 70 business listings to link to your website with something called Local Citations. Download an example of a Local Citation report here. Getting backlinks to your website can be done two ways: right or wrong. And doing it the wrong way will result in Google pinging your for not playing by their rules.

Getting set up for voice search. We'll help you get up and running for voice search on Siri (the big one), Google Voice, Samsung Phones, Alexa. This is something you’ll need to active to retain the Local Citations listings. With voice search being so popular, not addressing it can hurt your SEO. Most voice searches are questions, so making sure your website answers common questions for your industry is critical.

Keep your Google My Business (GMB) listing updated. Your  GMB listing is what appears in the right side of Google Search Results page. Having that updated with important information is key to playing well with Google

Getting Testimonials. Getting testimonials are important, but just as important is having your customers use keywords in their testimonials. But how can you do that? We'll create a page on your website that walks them through the process. So when you ask them to write a testimonial, you can  send them the link that explains how you prefer to have your audience write a testimonial. See an example of a page that explains how to write a testimonial here.

Ask Google to crawl your website. Yes, they will eventually get around to indexing your site, but why wait for them? By having us send your site map to search engines, it gets you a head start on being found.

Blog often. Any good web design company in Columbus will tell you the more you update your website (through blogging) the more often Google indexes your website. If you only update your site once a year, Google's algorithms don't get you those extra bonus points. So blogging, AND using the right keywords is critical to helping your SEO. And if you offer great information, other websites wil  more likely link back to your website.

Make your website ADA-compliant. Now that the internet is considered a utility, making it accessible to those with any number of impairments gets you extra points, from both Google AND your audience. Read why you want to make your website ADA-compliant here. This website is ADA-compliant and you can see how it works by clicking on the round icon of the human in the lower left corner.

No matter your industry, we're here to provide your business with SEO-optimized designs for custom websites in Columbus, or wherever you're located. Contact us today and let's work to make your website a success!