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  • woman focusing on writing a blog for her company

    Nine simple tips when writing a blog for your company's website

    Sure, writing a blog might sound easy, since it seems as if everyone is doing it. There's even an adorable 6-year old blogger named Martim, who writes about video games, who could be the one of the world's youngest bloggers. But writing a blog well, for the intention of informing your audience, and helping your website be found on a Google search, is a much more involved process. It's also time-c...

  • screenshot of mobile first comparison between mobile and desktop speed

    Is your website playing by Google's "mobile first" rules?

    Last year, Google changed its algorithms to be "mobile first," which means they use the mobile version of your site to determine how worthy it is of ranking well. That's because, as you can imagine, most searches are done on mobile devices. "But," you might say, "most of our prospects and clients are looking at our site on their desktop computers, because we have high-end products (or services)."...

  • woman holding up 6 fingers to highlight 6 ways of writing better headlines

    6 tips for writing better headlines

    Most people know that writing better headlines and copy is important for social media and blogging. However, when it comes right down to doing the writing, most people, including marketing directors and business owners, don't have desire, or inclination, to write copy. Initially, their enthusiasm to share their knowledge, and save money on copywriting, motivates them to take on that piece of thei...