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  • high tech typewriter writing for the web

    11 helpful tips when writing for the web

    When we tell clients  writing for a website is a lot different than writing for print, we can tell, at first, they're not convinced. But once we start telling them what's involved, they understand. Below are the items we point out that relate to writing and good SEO. Look them over, then decide if you have the time, or inclination, to be writing content for your own website. However, no matter w...

  • Structured Data Screenshot

    Structured Data

    What in the world is Structured Data, and why do you need it? The Quick & Simple: Structured Data is a way to communicate what your website or webpage is all about to Google (or any other search engine) in a more structured and direct way than just the content on the site. Google does its best to try an understand what your website is all about, and what your content is trying to say. But...

  • abstract image of connectivity from backlinks

    Backlinks, anchor text and SEO

    It's been an accepted fact in the SEO world that backlinks (links back to your website from other sites) are a good measure of a website's credibility. Google's algorithms determine if lots of other websites link back to yours, your website must have good information. And websites with good information rank well. Makes sense. So what are the best ways to go about getting backlinks to your website...