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  • dragon wrapping around the words long tail keywords

    How long tail keywords, and voice search, are connected.

    You know how important keywords are for your website. However, you might not know how important "long tail keywords" are, and how they relate to search, and even more importantly, "voice search." Any web developer who knows about SEO, knows this is an important distinction, since half of all searches are done on a mobile device. Examples of keywords vs. long tail keywords vs. voice search. Exam...

  • keyword research helping a woman searching on her cell phone

    The importance of keyword research now, and in the future.

    Keyword research is one of the cornerstones of developing a website. Everyone knows (or should know) you need to use the right keywords before you start to write, or design, a website: Before you write, so you know what phrases to incorporate into your content, and Before you design, so you can work your main keyword into your homepage (as an "H1 tag" headline), Page Title and Meta Description....

  • twin men wearing branding and marketing tshirts

    Branding vs. Marketing: What's the Difference?

    Clients come to us every day to work on their branding or marketing, and a lot of them think these two are interchangeable, they aren’t. But, they're not alone. A lot of businesses, mostly small, new ones, don’t understand the difference between branding and marketing, which are two very different strategies with distinct objectives. While the two have a connection, there are a few key differences...