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  • Man with old time sandwich sign for Columbus SEO agency Sevell

    What is a Page Title on a website's home page?

    Simply put, a Page Title on your homepage, is the first thing search engines "read" that tells them what your website is about. In the example below, you'll see our Page Title (right below our URL: sevell.com), which is "Website Design Columbus Ohio, Columbus Website Design, SEO Agency." We use that specific set of keywords, because our keyword research shows they're well-searched phrases for p...

  • New Website Design and Speed Boost

    Improving Website Speed and Design

    Giving a Plastic Surgeon's Website a Facelift We originally built the website for Dr. Dana Goldberg site in 2012, and at the time, they needed more than just an update to the design of the homepage: they also needed a boost in loading speed as well. Like cars, websites, even after a couple years, need a tune-up to make sure everything is running smoothly. So we imagined a redesign that would not...

  • abstract illsutration of bounce reate by SEO Agency Sevell

    When should you worry about your website's bounce rate?

    Most marketing folks with a working knowledge of their company's website, know about Google Analytics, but don't really know what they should be looking for. Google Analytics has an impressive depth to it, and there's no one blog post that can address all of it. Which is why this blog is going to focus on one of the basic pieces of data: the "bounce rate." But first, what is a "bounce rate," and...