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  • image from Guzzo and Garner home builder website

    A new home builder website for Guzzo & Garner

    We recently completed a home builder website for Guzzo and Garner, a New Albany-based custom home builder who creates amazing residences. Guzzo and Garner is a small custom home builder, who build 8 -10 über cool homes a year. They've built custom homes in the BIA Parade of Homes, homes with bowling alleys, ...homes that accommodate hidden speak easy rooms, ... luxury car lifts, rock climbi...

  • best web design companies badge from Expertise dot com

    Recognized as a Top Web Design Company and SEO Agency in Columbus

    Sevell + Sevell, Inc. has been recognized as one of the "2021 Top Web Design Companies in Columbus" by a national organization called Expertise.com. They manage a website that compiles the top companies in pretty much every conceivable category, in every major city in the U.S. They reached out to us to review our website for consideration on their top web design company list. The companies they r...

  • dog yawning at laptop because a website's download speed is slow

    Things that slow down your website's download speed

    One of Google's ranking factor is, and has been for years, your website's download speed. Jump right to how a website's download speed is affected here. First we need to put things in context: Google uses many algorithms to determine the worthiness of your website to rank well. In 2020, they'd finalized using the mobile version of your website, not the desktop version, to analyze how well your w...