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  • Improve your website loading speed

    5 (More) Ways Download Speed Helps Your Website - Part 2

    In case you missed it: Part 2 of Ten Ways Download Speed Helps Your Website 6. Go Green, or Go Home. There is no documentation from Google on what minimal score will affect your SEO in a positive or negative way. However, they do give color codes for what, they consider Bad, Good and Excellent. Red indicates a Bad or failing score, Yellow seems to indicate a Good, or passing score, and the ever...

  • Columbus web design company shows speed boost rating

    10 Ways Download Speed Helps Your Website - Part 1

    When working with a Columbus web design company, there's so much to think about when getting your new website built: The Design & Branding The Images to Use The Flow of the Navigation, The Hierarchy of Information, and How Quickly your Website Loads (The image shows the Google PageSpeed ranking of a website we've recently built.) Typically, when a company needs their website rebuilt, it'...

  • close up of computer keyboard with handicapped icon on one of the keys

    Not having an ADA-compliant website can get your company sued.

    Turns out it's more important than ever to have an ADA-compliant website. Why? Because NOT having one can get your company sued. True story. Why are companies being sued now? Because disabled individuals (who turn into "plaintiffs" on class action lawsuits) now call themselves "activists" who are working to improve the internet (and as a result, society) for the disabled. Critics call it “legal...