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  • periscope with the number 5 in the lens

    5 things to look for in a website designer

    If you've not worked with a website designer, or even if you have, there are things you should be look for when deciding if they're right for you. That's because, just like companies in your industry are different, not all web designers are the same either. Here are the top 5 things to look for when trying to select a web designer for your website. 1. Is the style of the website designer your st...

  • homepage image from Alternative 420 medical marijuana website

    New medical marijuana website for NYC-area Doctor

    As a Columbus Ohio web design firm, we've done quite a few medically-related and plastic surgeon websites. We recently completed a medical marijuana website for a doctor's practice, just outside of New York City. They're focusing on telemedicine for prescribing medical marijuana cards. See the website here, or click on the image of the homepage below. This website was built in SquareSpace, an...

  • woman focusing on writing a blog for her company

    Ten tips for writing a blog for your company's website

    Sure, writing a blog might sound easy, since it seems as if everyone is doing it. There's even an adorable 6-year old blogger named Martim, who writes about video games, who could be the one of the world's youngest bloggers. But writing a blog well, for the intention of informing your audience, and helping your website be found on a Google search, is a much more involved process. It's also time-c...