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  • man in white t-shirt waving

    A generic company name, and Google's search results.

    When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), being found online is what it's all about. And ANY company, no matter how small, can benefit from SEO. However, if you have a generic company name, like "Columbus Tax Service" or "Ohio Medical Marijuana," it's just not as easy for your prospects to find you by Googling your (generic) company's name. Why is that? When someone Google "Columbus Ta...

  • Drop in SEO warning on road sign

    Why a new website causes a temporary drop in SEO

    John Mueller, Google's top SEO guy, addresses why a new website causes a temporary drop in SEO in an online talk. You can see that portion of his talk below. However, here's our overview of why that happens: Why a new website usually causes a drop in SEO rankings. When a website is redesigned, the navigation most likely changes. What tha means is, the URLs on each page often change from what th...

  • screenshot of an h1 for SEO

    WTF is an H1 for SEO?

    Let's start with the question: how important is an H1 for SEO? The answer is: pretty important. But first, here's a quick explanation of what an H1 (also called an "H1 tag") is: it's the designation for a headline (the "H") that's the most important one (hence, the "1") for SEO purposes. While there are H1s, H2s, all the way through H6s, the H1 tag is what Google gives the most weight to when det...