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  • womans hand on computer mouse

    Do people stay on your website as long you want them to?

    "Average session duration" is the official term for how long someone stays on your website. It's also an important Google metric, the reason being: if people spend time on your site (yes, Google knows everything), it must have good information, so it must be worthy of ranking well. So just how much time do people spend on your site? You'd have to look at your Google Analytics to see that. But to...

  • stiltwalker_showing_who_can_be_reached_with_Google_ads

    Google Ads 101

    With Google Ads, you can literally reach any audience, no matter how small, even ballerina stilt walkers. As a web design company, we understand running Google Ads is a complex world unto itself, and one you shouldn't manage yourself without an extensive background in, and understanding of, how their algorithms work. Having some experience with Google Ads, we've opted to use an outside specialist...

  • Improve your website loading speed

    5 (More) Ways Download Speed Helps Your Website - Part 2

    In case you missed it: Part 2 of Ten Ways Download Speed Helps Your Website 6. Go Green, or Go Home. There is no documentation from Google on what minimal score will affect your SEO in a positive or negative way. However, they do give color codes for what, they consider Bad, Good and Excellent. Red indicates a Bad or failing score, Yellow seems to indicate a Good, or passing score, and the ever...