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  • magnet showing it can repel as well as attract

    Like a magnet, your blog can attract, or repel

    Everyone wants an awesome website that shows up well on Google and gets people calling or emailing. However, not everyone realizes the time and effort involved to get to that point. And many times, folks don't want to put in the work that's required to reach those goals. Or keep it up over time. As a Columbus Ohio web design and Columbus marketing firm, we live in this world every day, and have...

  • emoticon of smiley face with words "no way" beneath it

    Bad Google translation: a good idea or bad one? It depends.

    Lots of folks ask about Google Translate for their websites, to give those speaking other languages access to their site. They want it because it's free. But is it a good idea? Well, that depends. An Asian restaurant in Russia took advantage of the, sometimes, intentionally bad translation of Google Translate. (Note: not to pick on Google Translate, this happens with all translation software, thi...

  • visual of radar representing keyword terms are on, and off, our radar

    Being found for a search term that wasn't on our radar

    A medical company in Columbus recently found us through Google when they found our website in a search. But interestingly, they didn't find it by using one of the keyword search terms we are constantly using in our posts, which are "Columbus Ohio web design" and "web design Columbus Ohio." Keyword phrases that Google tells us are searched for hundreds of times a month. What search term did they f...