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  • website design Columbus Ohio firm's bounce rate from Google Analytics

    What is a bounce rate? And what is the average?

    We live in the world of web design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and there was one metric in Google Analytics we always wondered about, but until now, never researched in any detail. That is: the “bounce rate” of a website. First, the quick facts: No website has a 0% bounce rate, or even a 20% bounce rate The average website "bounce rate" is 50% If it's more than 60%, then you need to ma...

  • Columbus Ohio web design firm shows intimate couple and relates it to "linking up"

    Linking up: a one night stand, or a long term relationship?

    Today, good SEO is all about getting natural links back to your website. Good back links aren't single-link relationships, but more long-term ones. What counts in your favor with Google are "natural" back links to your website. It seems like a simple statement, but lets break it down: What are “unnatural” links? Links that overwhelmingly come from one site, like eZine.com For those not familiar...

  • Columbus Ohio web design firm showing woman on toilet blogging

    Look at all content creation as "new business development."

    Anytime you're involved with "content creation" you're doing new business development. No matter where or when it happens, developing original, educational content is part of an SEO strategy, and can help you find new business. Because the more you get out on the internet, the more people can learn about you, and the better your website will rank in Google. If you don't look at your content str...