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  • website design Columbus Ohio folks show old parchment paper with heading "Ye Old Daily Blog"

    Throughout history, creating content has been important. Still is.

    What is an "Authorship snippet"? It's an image of the author of an article that appears in Google search results for a specific search query. And you can probably guess why it's so important. Not that people care what the author looks like (though if you look like Angelina Jolie or Bad Pitt, it probably helps). No, it is a visual element in Google's search results page that draws the viewers eye...

  • photo of website's homepage: three women on Catamaran by website design Columbus Ohio company S+S

    A very cool website we've done for a plastic surgeon in Florida

    We've been doing quite a few plastic sugeon websites these days, and this is one of our very best, for plastic surgeon Dr. Dana Goldberg, in Florida. To see the live website check our Dr. Dana Goldeberg's site here. The things we're doing for this, and really, all websites, are: The images: they aren't the traditional beauty shots you see on every other plastic surgeon's site. This is higher en...

  • website design Columbus Ohio version of getting biz through your wesbite

    "My Website Isn't How We Get Business." (And we can tell why!)

    "My website isn't how we get business" is something we've heard a lot from prospects when we talk about the benefit of a good website. When we hear that comment, it always turns out because the company's website kinda sucks. Nor is their site showing up on Google's search results. And that is why they never get business from their website. Speaking from personal experience, we do get new busines...