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  • dog holding leash for Columbus website design firm and SEO agency

    An Adorable Valentine's Day ad

    Wishing everyone a happy Valentine's Day! We're romantics at heart, so when we see a Valentine's Day ad that "toasts our strudel," we like to share it. This TV spot for Lenovo hits both our hot buttons, and soft spots, so we had to share it on our website. Because we also know how hard it is to make a Valentine's Day ad work for a product that's not traditionally associated with love and relation...

  • lantern with SEO smoke from Columbus website design and SEO agency Sevell

    Why just wishing to get to page 1 of Google doesn't work. (And what does.)

    You have an awesome website, and you want it to show up on page 1 of Google. Now! Unfortunately, just wanting it to happen isn't much of a strategy. Nor is wishful thinking. Like anything worthwhile in life, getting where you want to be takes time and commitment. Showing up well in search engines requires to same effort. Every client we've ever worked with wants their website to show up on page...

  •  two women enjoying themselves at a Parker Lee fundraising event

    New website for the good folks at the Parker Lee Foundation

    We've just completed a website for The Parker Lee Foundation, which is a fund raising organization that combines fun events, and raising awareness and money for other non-profit organizations around Columbus. Their signature event is called the PBR10K. But it's not a race. Per se. Although it could be considered a "race" to have hundreds of people drink thousands of Pabst Blue Ribbon beers in a pe...