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  • man in cow head mask searching online for Columbus website design

    How well is your website is really showing up in search results?

    To make your website show up better on search engines you have to know where your website currently stands in the search results. To do that you need to know what your keywords are. For this blog, we'll use our own website to demonstrate this, and our main keywords are "Columbus website design." (Learn more about keywords here.) You can see how we show up in Google search results for that search t...

  • Large and small dog representing old and new meta description size

    How Growing Meta Descriptions Can Help Your Business

    What The Growth In Meta Description Length Means For Your Business. Stop the presses: Google has increased the length available for your website’s Meta Descriptions and it has an immediate impact on your business. Below I’ve explain what a Meta Description is, how long it is now, and what you need to do about it. Worried? Don’t be. What’s your Meta Description? Your Meta Description is an HTML...

  • photo of scooter and motorcycle side by side to reflect website cost

    How much does a website cost? It depends.

    That seems like a simple question, but let us ask you: How much does a car cost? Or a home? "How much does a website cost?" seems like a simple question, but definitely doesn't have a simple answer. Unless the simple answer is: "It depends." Not only is what a website looks like relevant to the equation, but also what's "under the hood" (so to say). What's "under the hood" could be the number of...