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  • thumbs down icon representing google ads rejection

    Google Ads restricts certain products and services

    When it comes to Google Ads, you might not think about what you can – and can't – advertise on Google. But there are limitations, and we've run into quite a few restrictions over the past few months. We have clients who wanted to run Google Ads for services, each which have restrictions for different reasons: A medicinal medical marijuana doctor just outside New York City couldn't run ads, even...

  • sepulveda plastic surgeon website photo

    New website for Miami cosmetic gynecologist

    Seems as if we do a plastic surgeon website every few months, and we've recently completed one for Dr. Sepulveda, a Miami-based cosmetic gynecologist. "What is a cosmetic gynecologist?" you might ask. Well, what they specialize in is: Repairing functional and anatomical changes which come from childbirth and/or aging, by fixing urinary or fecal incontinence, from lack of bladder, or bowel, contr...

  • man in white t-shirt waving

    A generic company name, and Google's search results.

    When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), being found online is what it's all about. And ANY company, no matter how small, can benefit from SEO. However, if you have a generic company name, like "Columbus Tax Service" or "Ohio Medical Marijuana," it's just not as easy for your prospects to find you by Googling your (generic) company's name. Why is that? When someone Google "Columbus Ta...