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  • woman on laprop working on blog and naming links

    Naming links is more important than you think

    There are lots of elements that make up good SEO, and while some of them might seem minor, they're not. The SEO-tip for today, is naming links, which are either: The outbound links that take your visitors to other websites, or The internal links that take people to other pages within your website. We've all seen links on websites that say "To learn more, click here." When we see that, we know t...

  • two corgie puppies representing exact match keywords

    Are "exact match keywords" still relevant?

    Exact match keywords are search terms that you, ideally, want to work into your website that matches, verbatim, the phrases Google shows are searched most often by your target audience. In our example for this story, in the "keyword ideas" screen shot below, Google shows the phrase "eyeglasses Columbus Ohio" is searched 260 times a month. The problem is, trying to incorporate the exact match phr...

  • bridge under construction depicting broken links

    Fix your website's broken links now

    Here's why fixing broken links in your website is important, and what happened when we didn't follow our own advice. (You know the old Cobbler's children story...) A story about the importance of fixing old, or broken, links. We built a website for the National Wendy's Franchise Association a few years ago. The domain name was www.OFFAVoice.com (OFFA stood for the "Old-Fashioned Franchise Associ...